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things to say to your ex to get them back-What to Say To Your Ex To Win Them Back

things to say to your ex to get them back.

things to say to your ex to get them back — What to Say To Your Ex To Win Them Back

What’s up guys, Brad Browning here…. in this video, I’m going to tell you what to say to your ex to win them back.

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So, what should you say to win back your ex? The answer to that question is actually very simple…. NOTHING.

I’m serious. You shouldn’t be saying anything to your ex at all if you want them back. Now I know that may sound a bit ridiculous if this is the first time you’ve seen one of my videos, but I promise that saying pretty much anything to your ex right now will actually do more harm than good.

This is one of the single biggest mistakes that people make when trying to win back their ex. In fact, some of my coaching clients still make this mistake, even after they’ve read my Ex Factor program and heard me tell them it’s a bad idea. They’ll think that they know better, and that they can apologize or beg or sweet talk their way back into their ex’s arms.

I know this goes against all common sense — I mean, how can you possibly get back together with your ex if you’re not even talking to them — but I promise that it is 100% for sure the best thing you can do after a breakup. So, please do yourself a favour and take my advice on this: don’t try to convince your ex that he or she should take you back. It’s not going to work, and in fact it’s only going to make you look like a pathetic loser… and why on earth would your ex want to jump back into a relationship with someone like that?

If you’ve just recently broken up with your ex — as in, within the last couple of weeks — then now is a perfect time to cut off communication with your ex. If you’ve seen my other videos here on YouTube, then you know that this is called the “30 Day No Contact Phase”. You may have already seen some other relationship and breakup experts recommending something similar online.

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What to Say To Your Ex To Win Them Back
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