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So before texting or communicating at all with your girlfriend, you need to make sure you send her the right signals first. If you have any questions about my “No-Contact” rule, then please leave a comment below this video and I’ll try my best to get back to you with some advice.

Step#1: Don’t Text Her Something Boring

A lot of guys will start off by saying something hollow and unprovocative. Simply saying “hey” or “what’s up” isn’t going to stir up your ex girlfriend’s emotions. Remember, women are extremely emotional, so what you need to do is say something that will compel her and FORCE her to write back to you. Think of something that will capture her imagination and grip her emotions. If you really want your ex back, you’re going to have to use some creativity.

My video on BreakupBrad.com will teach you a little bit more about how to affect her emotionally to the point where she feel like she has to respond. Again, the URL is www.BreakupBrad.com — I’ll have a link in the description below as well.

Step #2: Make Sure You Text Her For Good Reason

Texting her for no other reason than to say “hello” is not a good enough reason to text her. At this point, you shouldn’t convey to your ex girlfriend that you want to talk to her at all. So when you do text her, make sure that you need something from her. For example, this text usually generates a response:

“Hey, do you remember the name of that Italian restaurant we went to on your birthday last year?”

Remember that all you want to do is just open the lines of communication with your ex girlfriend. You’re not trying to attract her back into your life or seduce her. You just need information. Once you get the conversation flowing, then you can start planting the seeds of desire in her mind, but until then, keep things light.

Now… that text message that I just showed you is good for a number of reasons. First, it doesn’t convey any neediness. It isn’t a boring text, either. It also brings back a positive memory that she had of you. And finally, it gets her thinking about you and possibly getting jealous. She might be thinking…why is he asking? Is he going to take another girl there or something?

Step #3: Make Sure You Don’t Talk About The Drama

Texting your ex girlfriend regarding your past relationship is a huge mistake. You don’t want to make your ex girlfriend think that you still care about her… at least not yet. You’ll scare her away. So don’t bring up the past, don’t bring up any negativity or drama, and don’t ask her if she’s dating anyone new. At this point, you need to act like you don’t even care about what’s going on in her life.

Step #4: Be Funny!

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Remember, girls get bored easily. If you aren’t holding their attention, then they’re going to ignore you and move on to the next guy. Your ex girlfriend is no exception to this rule.

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What To Text Your Ex Girlfriend (Text Messages To Win Her Back)
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