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win back my ex-How To Get Your Ex Back (Step-By-Step Guide To Reversing A Breakup)

win back my ex.

win back my ex — Learn How To Get Your Ex Back (Brad Browning Shares 3 Secrets And Breaks Down The Process)

I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to get an ex back. It can be complicated and difficult. However, I have developed a system to make it simpler, and I call this system my “3R System” — Recovery, Rekindling, and Re-Attraction.

Let’s start with talking about the recovery phase which is the first phase. This is where you’re feeling lonely, depressed, and lonely. This is about the first month or so after the breakup. The goal of this period is exactly what it’s called — recovery! One of the main things you need to do is ignore your ex for the first month or so. Additionally, you want to remove reminders of your ex. Put away all the love notes, pictures, and reminders from your life. Be sure to block them on your phone and on Facebook as well.

Also, remember to occupy your time. Go out with friends and pick up new hobbies. Go to the gym and date other people! Be sure to just take your mind off your ex.

Remember that every single breakup is caused by one thing — a loss of attraction. If your ex gave you reasons for the breakup, I’m sorry to the say that they were probably lying. They probably just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. This loss of attraction could have been caused by you displaying unattractive characteristics like laziness, cheating, complacency, etc. That, or you probably failed to continue displaying the attractive characteristics.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important that you don’t overanalyze this.

Now on to the Rekindling Phase. This phase is all about reminding your ex about you and setting up the stage for Re-Attraction.

One of the most important things in the Rekindling Phase is to make your ex miss you. Again, the key is no-contact. No-contact is the key to making your ex miss you. Scientists have actually discovered that 3 weeks is the peak in which someone will miss you. This is very important!

Another thing you need to be doing is changing yourself to the original self that your ex fell in love with in the first place. You need to be improving yourself too — that means getting fit, being social, and confident and attraction. Make your ex have second thoughts!

Another thing that ties into it is what I call Covert Jealousy — that means making your ex jealous without making them seem like you’re trying to make them jealous. You can do this by dating other people!

The final part of the Re-Kindling phase is to contact your ex. But you have to start small. Start with a simple text message — make it happy, care-free, and show them that you’re thriving and positive. Remember to avoid all negativity. Remind them why you’re so awesome!

One of the best ways to do this is by text message. I can’t go through all the text messages you can send so go to for more examples.

This is my Question Text… say something like, “Remember that beach we found last summer? What exit did we take to get there?”

This is good because you’re reminding your ex of a great moment you two shared. You’re also causing your ex to think that you’ve replaced them with someone new. This is Covert Jealousy!

Phase 3 is Re-Attraction. This is where you need to establish an in-person meeting with your ex. You need to rebuild a physical and emotional connection.

You need to pose as a friend first and catch up. It could be drinks, coffee, or whatever — just make sure it’s something casual. Again, stay positive. Be upbeat and happy and don’t bring up any negativity.

Be fun with your ex. Talk about the new you but don’t be so obvious about it.

Remember to try and flirt with your ex! Touch them. Be suggestive with them. Make it fun and build that sexual tension.

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How To Get Your Ex Back (Step-By-Step Guide To Reversing A Breakup)
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